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Event Results


     Championship Flight - Steve Poseler defeated John Garcia
First Flight - Greg Steffens defeated Edgar Neeb
2017 Points Champ 1st Place -Edgar Neeb - 24.5 - $300
2nd Place - Ken Rowan - 20 - $200
3rd Place - Charlie Peck - 19.5 - $100



SHGC 4-Man Best Ball
September 17, 2017

1st Place  (Josh Dennis, Jason Palmer, Rob Stotz, and Greg Steffens) 
2nd Place Tie (Edgar Neeb, Ken Rowen, Charlie Peck, and Donavan Mominee)
2nd Place Tie (Juan Sanchez, Juanita Sanchez, Steve Thurn, and Steve Kennedy)

Singles Points Tournament
October 1, 2017

1st Place - Juan Sanchez 
2nd Place - Leo Garcia
3rd Place - Ken Rowan
4th Place Tie - Rob Stotz and Dave Hoppes


SHGC 5-Man Scramble
September 11, 2016

1st Place Tie (Juan Sanchez, Juanita Sanchez, Fred Garcia, Dan Garcia, and Tom Potts)
                     (Jason Palmer, Charlie Peck, Josh Dennis, Leo Garcia, and John Garcia)


August 28, 2016

1st Place (Moe Myers, Juan Sanchez, and Juanita Sanchez) 
2nd Place (Josh Dennis, Jason Palmer, and Bill Wilfong)
3rd Place (Rob Stotz, Dan Garcia, and Tony Esker)

2-man Scramble
July 9, 2017

1st Place  (Steve Poseler and Edgar Neeb )
2nd Place (Dave Shaffer and Charlie Peck)
3rd Place  (John Garcia and Dan Garcia)
4th Place  (Leo Garcia and Juanita Sanchez)

4-Man Best Ball
June 18, 2017

1st Place (Bill Wilfong, Edgar Neeb, Ken Rowen, and Charlie Peck) 
2nd Place  (Rob Stotz, Jason Palmer, Josh Dennis, & Doug Michael)
3rd Place  (Steve Thurn, Steve Kennedy, Juan Sanchez, & Juanita Sanchez)
4th Place  (Donavan Mominee, Leo Garcia, Jeff Norman, & Mike Beatty)


2-Man Best Ball Member Tournament
June 4, 2017

1st Place Ken Rowen & Bill Wilfong
2nd Place Charlie Peck & Edgar Neeb
3rd Place Tie Greg Steffens & Dave Hoppes, Juan & Juanita Sanchez, and Mike Beatty & Steve Thurn