Congrats to Our 2020 Club Match and Points Winners!

Championship Flight - Dave Shaffer defeated Steve Stotz
First Flight - Dave Hoppes defeated Dale Busdeker

2020 Points Champ 1st Place -Steve Poseler - 19 - 0
2nd Place - Rob Stotz - 18 - 0
3rd Place - Jason Palmer - 13 1/2 - 0

Singles Points Tournament
September 15, 2020

1st Place Tie - Greg Steffens/Dave Shaffer 
3rd Place - Brandon Durnwald
4th Place - Cory Ellerbrock


2-man Scramble
August 12, 2020

1st Place (John Garcia & Doug Gallagher)
2nd Place (Steve Poseler & Tony Esker)
3rd Place (Steve Stotz & Jason Palmer)
4th Place (Brandon Durnwald & Doug Repp)

4-Man Best Ball
July 27, 2020

1st Place (Josh Dennis, Jason Palmer, Rob Stotz, and Brandon Durnwald)
1st Place (Tony Esker, Tanner Esker, Jeff Matt, and John Garcia)
3rd Place (Brian Kleisch, Dave Shaffer, Steve and Becky Poseler)
4th Place (Dave Hoppes, Greg Steffens, Nick and Doug Michael)


2-Man Best Ball Member Tournament
June 21, 2020

1st Place (Rob Stotz and Brandon Durnwald)
2nd Place (Doug Gallagher and Charlie Houdeshell)
3rd Place Tie (Josh Dennis/Jason Palmer and Steve/Becky Poseler)
4th Place (Tony Esker and Jeff Matt)